This Children’s Village Supports Vulnerable Children and Families Across South Africa

Why Global Citizens Should Care
The UN’s Global Goals call for access to education for all children, no matter where they’re born. Education is vital in breaking the cycle of poverty, and giving children — and then their children, and their children — hope for their future. Join us by taking action here in support of education. 

With 11 facilities across South Africa, SOS Children’s Village supports vulnerable children as well as fragmented families. 

At their Ennerdale village in Johannesburg, on Friday, HP Inc. hosted a day of action for their staff members and internal stakeholders to help support educational programmes and activities. 

Back in July 2017, HP Inc. committed to enhancing education for more than 100 million people by 2025. 

And in partnership with Global Citizen, its mission is to reinvent quality learning and digital literacy to empower people, including those who are marginalised, to help them succeed in the digital economy and create better lives for themselves and their families. 

In working towards this goal, over 20 staff members from HP Inc. Johannesburg spent the day with children — engaging them in activities such as 30 second games, tennis, chess, and reading sessions. 

IMG_20181116_120902.jpgImage: Global Citizen/Mbali Kgame

Some staff members prepared stationary packs, which others helped make lunch for the children. 

For Vileshin Moodley, an enterprise sales manager for central and southern Africa, HP’s participation in this event is about looking into ways they can empower children of the SOS village.