At Work, Your Talent Is All That Should Matter, HP Says

When it comes to work, talent and dedication are all that should matter. But that’s not always the reality.

In more than half of the US, a person can be fired for identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual , or transgender (LGBT), according to the non-profit Out and Equal. Around one in 10 LGBT employees have left a job because they felt their work environment was unwelcoming and 35% of LGBT employees have felt a need to hide their identities or lie about their personal lives at work, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation reported.

But HP hopes to change that and is leading by example. The latest installment of its “Reinvent Mindsets” campaign, called “Proud Portraits,” makes that entirely clear. The campaign is the tech giant’s challenge to itself to bring attention to unconscious bias at HP as part of its effort to improve its diversity and inclusion.

The spot shows people and families of every type — challenging stereotypes of the “typical” family — and encourages everyone to just be themselves.

For over 30 years, HP has been at the forefront of creating a welcoming and inclusive workplace and already boasts the most diverse board of directors of any technology company — but there’s still work to be done.

That’s why the tech company launched it’s “Reinvent Mindsets” campaign last year with the goal of “literally reinventing the standard for diversity and inclusion at HP,” Lesley Slaton Brown, the company’s Chief Diversity Officer, said in a statement.

But changing and improving diversity standards isn’t just about increasing representation, it’s also about shifting behaviors and attitudes to combat discrimination. HP believes the key to increasing diversity and inclusion in any workplace is making sure everyone feels welcome, regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or nationality.

And that’s precisely why it’s determined to reinvent mindsets.